New AMT 190 R – The peppy and spacious center console boat

AMT 190 R - news post EN

The smoothly running hull, a reasonably designed, spacious interior and plenty of space to freely move around during embarking/debarking and fishing - these are some of the biggest assets of the new AMT 190 R. The new center console AMT is a great companion both for day cruising on the lakes and for access boating, but it is above all a deserving candidate for recreational fishermen. The stylish design also makes AMT 190 R an eye-catcher in the harbor.

AMT-Veneet Oy has during the past few years focused on systematically renewing the AMT fleet, one model at a time. As we in recent years have noticed an increasing interest in center console boat models, we decided to take action and design a new, streamlined and versatile leisure boat with a wide center console. The finished product, the AMT 190 R, is a boat suited for multiple uses; day cruising, access boating, water sport activities, not to mention fishing. The sporty and fuel efficient hull is familiar from the 190 BR model, which was introduced in 2016 and have received great feedback from both boaters, AMT dealers and members of the press. The hull moves smoothly through the waves and behaves consistently in all situations.

During the design process we paid particular attention to what is essential both when moving about inside the boat and when embarking it. We made embarking easy and safe both from the bow, stern and over the hull side - sturdy railings, strategically placed steps, anti-slip surfaces and a walk-around engine well are some of the features we decided on to make this novelty model as well functioning and safely operable as possible. The ergonomically designed center console provides good shelter for both driver and co-driver, but still leaves plenty of open deck space to freely move around for example while fishing. The spacious bow deck, which has great storage capacity, is truly versatile and works just as well for transporting goods as it does for fishing.

As with the rest of the AMT fleet, also AMT 190 R has a comprehensive set of standard accessories. The standard boat includes e.g. a 9-inch Raymarine Axiom chartplotter, the Abloy lock set for the storage units, the cushion set, hydraulic steering, the mandatory mooring equipment and a 100 liter fixed fuel tank.

Length (cm) 560
Width (cm) 226
Weight (kg) 680
Deadrise angle (°) 20
Max. passengers 7
Recommended engine size (hp) 80-115
Speed (knots) 80 hp / 2 persons - 35 kts
  100 hp / 2 persons - 38 kts
  115 hp / 2 persons - 40 kts


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